Deliverable No.Deliverable nameAbstractDelivery Date (project month)Lead beneficiaryNature
D2.1Initial detailed architectural and functional site facilities descriptionAbstract3ORA-FRR
D1.1Requirements definition and analysis from participant vertical industriesAbstract4OTER
D2.2Sites facilities planningAbstract4ORA-FRR
D3.1Interworking capability definition and gap analysis documentAbstract6NXWR
D5.1Disjoint testing and validation toolsAbstract10WINGSO
D1.4KPI collection FrameworkAbstract12NOK-ESR
D3.2Interworking reference modelAbstract12TIDR
D7.5Report on Training activities after Year 1Abstract12ECOMR
D1.2Requirements definition and analysis from vertical industries and core applicationsAbstract16OTER
D3.3First implementation of the interworking reference modelAbstract16ERI-ESO
D3.6Interworking test suitesAbstract16TELCO
D4.1Experimentation tools and VNF repositoryAbstract16NXWO
D2.6Participating vertical industries planningAbstract17ORA-FRR
D4.2First version of the experimental portal and service handbookAbstract18UC3MO
D1.35G-EVE end to end reference architecture for vertical industries and core applicationsAbstract18ERI-ESO
D5.2Model-based testing framework documentAbstract18TIDR
D4.3Models for vertical descriptor adaptationAbstract22CNITO
D2.4Initial pilot test and validationAbstract24B-CO;R
D3.4Second implementation of the interworking reference modelAbstract24ERI-ESO
D3.7Report on the execution of the interworking test suitesAbstract24TELCR
D4.4Report on benchmarking of new featuresAbstract24CNITR
D4.5Second version of the experimental portal24UC3MO
D5.3Testing environmental conditions documentAbstract24CNITR
D5.4First version of testing and validation suite24WINGSO
D5.5Performance diagnosis mechanismAbstract24WINGSO
D7.6Report on Training activities after Year 2Abstract24ECOMR
D5.6Performance diagnosis mechanism and reporting methodology document26WINGSR
D3.5Final implementation of the interworking reference model35ERI-ESO
D4.6Final version of the experimentation portal35UC3MO
D5.7Final version of testing and validation suite35WINGSR
D5.8Testing and validation methodologies final report35WINGSR
D5.9Testing, validation, and performance diagnosis methodologies user manual35WINGSR
D2.3Final 5G-EVE end to end facility description36ORANGER
D2.5Final pilot test and validation36B-COMR
D6.5Standards monitoring and adoption report36TIDR
D6.6Final impact assessment report36EURR
D7.7Report on Training activities after Year 336ECOMR
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