5G EVE demo - Orange event 2021

5G EVE Demo at Annual Orange Research Event

At this year’s annual Orange research exhibition event called “Salon de la Recherche”, 5G EVE was represented by the “5G Deployment Automation Service” demonstration. The 5G EVE demo, presented by Rodolphe Legouable from Orange, was one of the 30 innovative results – selected from more than 100 proposals –...

Mauro Boldi - TIM

Keynote by 5G EVE coordinator at 5G Blitz Week

On the final day of the 5G Blitz Week – Spring Edition (22-25 March 2021), Mauro Boldi, 5G EVE coordinator from TIM, gave a keynote on the future evolution of wireless network technologies. He talked about trials performed via the 5G EVE platform, which have helped pave the way...

5Growth use case

Remote operation use case by 5Growth running on 5G EVE platform

5G EVE is supporting a vertical industry use case by 5G PPP project 5Growth (5G-enabled Growth in Vertical Industries). The 5Growth use case on remote operation of quality equipment, which is led by Innovalia, has been successfully implemented on the 5G EVE platform and is currently being validated through...

SDOs Workshop 2021

5G EVE Presentation at SDOs Brainstorming Workshop on Testbeds Federations for 5G and Beyond

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​5G EVE contributed to a workshop jointly organized by the standards developing organizations (SDOs) ITU, ETSI, and IEEE on 15-16 March 2021. On the first day of the ‘ITU ETSI IEEE Joint SDOs Brainstorming Workshop on Testbeds Federations for 5G & Beyond: Interoperability, Standardization, Reference Model & APIs’, Veronica...

1st 5G EVE Learn and Drive event

Successful first 5G EVE Learn and Drive online event for SMEs

The 5G EVE consortium successfully held its first Learn and Drive online event on 26th January 2021. The event aimed to help SMEs and startups to better understand the 5G EVE validation platform. The participants were able to learn first-hand how to use the 5G EVE platform for developing...

2nd 5G PPP Trials and Pilots Brochure Title

2nd 5G PPP Trials and Pilots Brochure includes 5G EVE contribution on Experiential Tourism

The recently published 2nd 5G PPP Infrastructure Trials and Pilots Brochure includes a contribution by 5G EVE on “Experiential tourism through 360° video and VR over 5G”. The 5G EVE contribution describes the smart tourism trial performed via the 5G EVE Validation Platform and the Spanish 5G EVE site...

5GROWTH trial supported by 5G EVE

The Spanish 5G EVE site facility of 5TONIC goes standalone with Ericsson

In December, the 5G standalone (SA) solution by Ericsson has been activated. It is now in use at 5TONIC, the Spanish site facility in Madrid supporting the 5G EVE project. This major achievement means that 5TONIC already has the capability to run 5G independent of the existing 4G infrastructure...

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