5G EVE booth - EuCNC 2021

Successful 5G EVE participation at EuCNC and 6G Summit 2021

5G EVE participated in this year’s fully virtual EuCNC & 6G Summit on 8-11 June 2021 mainly with a booth in the virtual exhibition. The virtual booth titled “5G EVE […] 

5G EVE Italian Site

5G EVE platform maintenance after project completion

The 5G EVE project is about to be completed by the end of June 2021. This three-year project, driven by the commitment of its 28 partners, has provided Europe with […] 

5G EVE multi-site gaming use case video

The video explains how the 5G EVE platform supports developers from different vertical sectors in validating their 5G-enabled products and services in a structured, swift and efficient way. Thanks to […] 

5G EVE Portal

Testing, validation, and performance diagnosis methodologies user manual – 5G EVE Deliverable D5.9

Deliverable D5.9 presents the user manual of the final 5G EVE testing and validation methodology and framework. This user manual provides details on the step-by-step procedure to design, prepare, instantiate, […] 

5G EVE Testing and Validation Framework Architecture

Testing and validation methodologies final report with the final version of testing and validation suite – 5G EVE Deliverable D5.8

Deliverable D5.8 presents the final version of the 5G EVE testing and validation platform, focusing on the components of the platform which are related to the execution of the experiment, […] 

5G EVE DV Architecture

Final version of the experimentation portal – 5G EVE Deliverable D4.6

Deliverable D4.6 presents the final version of the 5G EVE experimental portal. It describes all services originally included in the 5G EVE project proposal, and some services requested during the […] 

5G EVE IWL Architecture

Final implementation of the interworking reference model – 5G EVE Deliverable D3.5

Deliverable D3.5 describes the implementation and testing of the Interworking Layer (IWL). It contains the description of all IWL components, including design and features reported previously in D3.4 and the […] 

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