Timescale of 5G EVE

5G EVE timescale (click image to expand)

On this page we provide information about the 5G EVE end-to-end facility and its different sites for anyone interested in using our facility for their trials and validations.

5G EVE overview slides

PDF5G EVE – General Overview
Maurizio Cecchi, Telecom Italia

PDF5G EVE – Technical Overview
Manuel Lorenzo, Ericsson Spain

5G EVE facility sites

5G EVE facility sites

5G EVE facility – mapping of vertical use cases, vertical partners and dominant services

5G EVE facility - mapping

High-level use-case oriented architectural overview of the Greek 5G EVE site facility

High-level architecture overview of the 5TONIC Spanish 5G EVE site facility

French site facility architecture composed of 4 edge nodes

High-level description of the 5G EVE Italian site facility in TurinList of the site facility specifications

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