Maurizio Cecchi, 5G EVE coordinator

5G EVE session at the 5G PPP Phase 3 info day in Brussels

On 14 September, the European Commission and the To-Euro-5G suppport action project organised an Information Day on 5G PPP Phase 3. Over 200 participants had registered to learn more about Horizon 2020 call ICT-19, “Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries”, and the three 5G end-to-end platforms which...

5G EVE end-to-end facility

Creating the foundations for 5G end-to-end networks in Europe

5G PPP infrastructure project 5G EVE has started Press release | 31st August 2018 Turin, Italy. 5G PPP infrastructure project 5G EVE started its work in July. The project is addressing a challenge, which is crucial for all actors in the 5G value chain, including network operators and vendors...

Austria Center Vienna

Networking session at ICT 2018 on 5G network infrastructures

On 6th December, 5G EVE is co-organising a networking session on 5G network infrastructures at the ICT 2018 event in Vienna. The session title is: “Stimulating innovation over next generation 5G network infrastructures”. The session aims to stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion on the requirements for a 5G end-to-end facility...

Webinar Banner 5G EVE

5G EVE Webinar for ICT-19 Proposers on 20 September

On Thursday, 20 September 2018, 3-5 pm, the 5G EVE project will hold a webinar to explain its end-to-end facility to ICT-19 proposers. For ICT-19 proposers it is important to correctly understand how they can make use of the 5G end-to-end platforms. The webinar will give an overview on the...

5G Smartphone

5G EVE at ICT-19 Info Day in Brussels on 14 September

The information day in Brussels on 14 September 2018 is for anyone considering to submit a Horizon 2020 proposal under the 5G PPP-related call on “Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries” (ICT-19), submission deadline: 14 November 2018. Potential ICT-19 projects are strongly encouraged to demonstrate the applicability of...

5G EVE team in Turin

5G EVE kick-off meeting at Telecom Italia in Turin

The 5G EVE project started with a kick-off meeting at Telecom Italia in Turin on 3-5 July 2018. 5G EVE is building the European 5G validation platform for extensive trials. Anyone interested in our activities is cordially invited to follow us on Twitter and get informed about upcoming events...

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