5G EVE Webinar for ICT-19 Proposers on 20 September

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On Thursday, 20 September 2018, 3-5 pm, the 5G EVE project will hold a webinar to explain its end-to-end facility to ICT-19 proposers.

For ICT-19 proposers it is important to correctly understand how they can make use of the 5G end-to-end platforms. The webinar will give an overview on the 5G EVE platform and answer questions like: How does the platform support ICT-19 projects in realising the European 5G vision of “5G empowering vertical industries”? How does it support “technological and business validation of 5G end-to-end connectivity”?

In our webinar, we will provide specific answers to these questions for the 5G EVE end-to-end facility. The webinar will inform ICT-19 proposers and other interested participants about the 5G EVE facility and how to access and use it for the trials and validations of ICT-19 projects.

Further information, including the agenda, is available on the Webinar Page.

Anyone interested can register by 18 September via the Registration Page.

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