5G EVE at 5G Italy conference in Rome

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The 5G Italy conference in Rome on 4-6 December 2018 attracted about 450 participants from regulatory authorities, research organisations, businesses, and public administrations. They met at the CNR headquarters to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming 5G network.

The importance of the event is indicated by the participation of Alessandro Viola, Director General of the EC’s DG CONNECT, and Peter Stuckmann, Head of Unit for Future Connectivity Systems at DG CONNECT, as well as many leading representatives of the Italian ICT sector. The focus of the three-day conference was on policy and research as well as relevant vertical applications, which included: Media and Tourism, Energy, Industry 4.0, eHealth, Transport, Mobility and Automotive, Public Administration, Defence and Security.

5G EVE had a key role in the event: the conference was organised by 5G EVE partner CNIT and sponsored by 5G EVE partner PIIU. Maurizio Cecchi, until recently 5G EVE project coordinator at Telecom Italia and now work package leader at PIUU, presented the 5G EVE project in a special session on “5G for Europe”, which was organised in collaboration with the 5G PPP on the second day. The other panelists were Massimo Mazzocchini, CEO of Nokia Italy, Federico Rigoni, CEO of Ericsson Italy, and Peter Stuckmann from the European Commission, who presented the EC’s perspective on the 5G PPP strategy. The session was chaired by Raffaele De Peppe, Board Member of the 5G Industry Association.

Further information on the 5G Italy conference is available on the Conference Website

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