New 5G EVE Project Flyer Published

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5G EVE leaflet 2020 cover5G EVE has published a new flyer about the project. The 6-page leaflet provides a visual overview on the 5G EVE platform and its capabilities as well as the 4-step process to 5G validation.

More specifically, the flyer covers the following topics:

  • 5G end-to-end validation platform for verticals – Vertical use cases
  • 5G EVE Portal – 4-step process to 5G validation
  • 5G EVE Platform – Interworking of multiple end-to-end 5G site facilities
  • 5G capabilities and 5G added-value features of the 5G EVE Platform
  • 5G EVE consortium and project information

5G EVE project flyer – 2020 edition (PDF)

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