NSF visit at Spanish 5G EVE site facility

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NSF Visit 5G EVE Madrid

Meeting of the NSF delegation with representatives from 5G-EVE and other 5G PPP infrastructure projects at the 5TONIC research lab in Madrid

On 9th and 10th March, a delegation of researchers from the NSF, the National Science Foundation of the United States, visited the Spanish 5G EVE site facility, the 5TONIC research lab in Madrid.  The visit of the US researchers was the first in a series of planned visits to several European research facilities involved in the 5G PPP infrastructure projects. The NSF delegation consisted of Abhimanyu (Manu) Gosain, Technical Program Director of the PAWR Project Office, who also acts as the liaison with other large-scale NSF projects, and Ivan Seskar, Program Director of the COSMOS Project.

NSF Visit 5G EVE Madrid

Ignacio Berberana (left) explaining technical details of the 5TONIC facility to Manu Gosain (2nd from right) and Ivan Seskar (right)

The two-day visit visit started with presentations by the managers of the Spanish 5G-EVE site, Ignacio Berberana and Pablo Serrano, on the project status and site capabilities. This was complemented by Ginés García-Avilés, the developer of the 5G EVE authentication module, who described the workflow of the project and performed a demo of the 5G EVE portal. Finally, the 5G EVE team demonstrated the project’s Industry 4.0 use case.

The participants from the US and Europe discussed several collaboration opportunities at the meeting, including the interconnection of research facilities and sharing of experimentation tools.

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