Six Technical 5G EVE Deliverables Published

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At the end of June 2020, 5G EVE finalised six deliverables which are documenting the technical progress of the 5G EVE platform and its capabilities:

D2.4 Initial pilot test and validation
Deliverable D2.4 is the initial report about the first functional tests and 5G end to end facility validation. It provides the overall situation of the E2E facility implementation status corresponding to the project’s MS9 Second release of the 5G end to end facility in M24. Special attention has been paid to the 5G infrastructure performance metrics.

D3.4 Second implementation of the interworking reference model
Deliverable D3.4 is the second deliverable dealing with the implementation of the Interworking Layer (IWL). This deliverable includes all IWL components as they are tested and integrated internally and with other 5G EVE components (5G EVE Portal, 5G EVE sites), as we describe in the deliverable D3.7.

D3.7 Report on the execution of the interworking test suites
Deliverable D3.7 presents the results regarding the execution of the test cases defined in D3.6, in order to validate the features exposed for each component placed in the Interworking (I/W) Framework, possible interconnections between them and aspects related to the system itself; for example, the interconnection between the I/W Framework and each site facility.

D4.4 Report on benchmarking of new features and on the experimental portal (2nd version)
Deliverable D4.4 presents two of the main milestones of the project: on the one hand, we present the second version of the 5G EVE Portal, including all services planned at the beginning of the project and, on the other hand, the results and benchmarking of innovative data planes and radio access features.

D5.3 Testing environmental conditions document with first version of testing and validation suite
Deliverable D5.3 presents results of an analytical survey of the necessary environmental conditions for testing and evaluation of the various 5G features and technologies of the site facilities, collected by polling the individual site managers. For each of the four 5G EVE sites, the document lists the tools used to generate traffic and to set up controllable, scalable, synthetic and near to realistic IP traf?c needed for testing. Additionally, this deliverable presents the first version of the testing, validation, and benchmarking tools, delivered as a suite for integration to the site facilities.

D5.5 Performance diagnosis mechanism and reporting methodology document
In Deliverable D5.5 two aspects of the 5G EVE testing and validation framework are addressed: a) the generation of a complete and instructive validation report; b) the provision of a tool for performance diagnosis and root cause analysis. Regarding the first aspect, D5.5 presents the development of a complete and well-defined results analysis and validation reporting mechanism, which provides experimenters with clear answers to their initial validation questions. In addition, this reporting mechanism gives a complete picture of the testing and validation process realised using the 5G EVE platform.

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