Strong 5G EVE presence at upcoming EuCNC 2019 in Valencia

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At the upcoming EuCNC 2019 in Valencia (18-21 June) and the collocated Global 5G Event (17-18 June), 5G EVE will have a strong presence both in the conference workshops and the exhibition.


EuCNC Workshop 1
Empowering Transatlantic Platforms for Advance Wireless Research
Tuesday, 18 June 2019 (8:30 -13:00/16:15-18:00), Room R6
5G EVE is co-organiser and will present

EuCNC Workshop 2
From Cloud-ready to Cloud-native transformation
Tuesday, 18 June 2019 (8:30 -13:00), Room R8
Keynote by Sofiane Imadali from 5G EVE partner Orange Labs Networks on “Cloud Native 5G Virtual Network Functions: Design Principles and Use Cases”

Global 5G Event – Session 6
5G KPI measurement – Measuring 5G KPIs in real environments
Tuesday, 18 June 2019 (16:15-18:00)
5G EVE is co-organiser; moderator is Maurizio Cecchi from 5G EVE partner Associazione P.I.I.U.;
Prof. Panagiotis Demestichas from 5G EVE partner WINGS ICT Solutions is a speaker


5G EVE booth with demos of the 4 site facilities

The 5G EVE demo booth provides an overview on the four 5G EVE site facilities and their current implementation status. The demos focus on the core technological activities of 5G EVE, which mainly include enabling verticals to validate 5G PPP KPIs.

The 5G EVE demo includes the live demonstration of the following use cases:

  • A combined demonstration of Smart City and Smart Energy verticals empowered by an Intent Based mechanism. The first showcasing the exchange of sensor data and actions over a 5G slice, while data generated by the sensors will be processed by a cloud-based platform and the latter showcasing a small-scale representation of a distributed smart grid with ultra-fast, ultra-reliable recovery capabilities.
  • The Media & Entertainment demonstration allows the user to select a specific TV channel from a mobile device. For the AGV use-case, the demonstration consists of the live retransmission from the 5TONIC labs where real AGVs will be operating.

In addition to the live demonstrations, two videos show the current deployment in a real Smart City environment in Turin, including sensors and other infrastructures that allow the smooth integration of applications by verticals, and of a 360° video use case based on Open Source 4G RAN and CORE OAI and NR 5G OAI.

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