5G EVE Demo at Annual Orange Research Event

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French 5G EVE demo 2021At this year’s annual Orange research exhibition event called “Salon de la Recherche”, 5G EVE was represented by the “5G Deployment Automation Service” demonstration. The 5G EVE demo, presented by Rodolphe Legouable from Orange, was one of the 30 innovative results – selected from more than 100 proposals – to be shown at the event.

The 5G EVE project was selected to demonstrate its end-to-end 360-degree video use case. The demonstration used the whole 5G EVE facility framework, from the portal to the automated deployment and the collection and analysis of KPIs. The 5G EVE demo showed how verticals can operate their use cases on a virtualised 5G platform by deploying their innovative service solution and collecting selected KPIs for performance evaluation.

This year the Orange R&D event, which attracted around 4500 visitors, was held online on four days, on 23rd to 25th March and on 9th April. It provided an opportunity to promote some internal Orange projects and also to highlight major collaborative initiatives.

The first two days were mainly dedicated to Orange entities but also to external partners involved in collaborative innovation projects. On 25th March and 9th April, special demo sessions were held for Orange customers.

5G EVE demo - Orange event 2021Further information

Video of 5G EVE demo

“Salon de la Recherche” website

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