2nd 5G PPP Trials and Pilots Brochure includes 5G EVE contribution on Experiential Tourism

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5G EVE - Experiential Tourism TrialThe recently published 2nd 5G PPP Infrastructure Trials and Pilots Brochure includes a contribution by 5G EVE on “Experiential tourism through 360° video and VR over 5G”. The 5G EVE contribution describes the smart tourism trial performed via the 5G EVE Validation Platform and the Spanish 5G EVE site facility at 5TONIC. The trial involved streaming of a 360-degree live video recorded at touristic locations to a remote cloud server via a 5G access network. In addition, the trial featured the rendering of the video from the cloud server to end users enjoying an immersive video experience through VR glasses, enabled via 5G.

The 5G EVE contribution is one of the ten 5G PPP phase 2&3 trial and pilot descriptions selected from more then 20 proposals. The selection was based on a number of criteria including impact of 5G networks, achieved KPIs, technology and market readiness levels, societal impact, 5G empowerment, and more.

2nd 5G PPP Trials and Pilots BrochureThe brochure aims to encourage readers to learn more about the presented trials and pilots via the 5G PPP website and the project websites. It may also make readers curious to find out about the large number of phase 2&3 trials and pilots which were not included in the brochure.

Further information on the brochure
5G PPP Trials and Pilots Brochure for download in pdf format

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