Successful first 5G EVE Learn and Drive online event for SMEs

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1st 5G EVE Learn and Drive eventThe 5G EVE consortium successfully held its first Learn and Drive online event on 26th January 2021. The event aimed to help SMEs and startups to better understand the 5G EVE validation platform. The participants were able to learn first-hand how to use the 5G EVE platform for developing and validating innovative 5G services and applications.

A the event, the presenters from 5G EVE shared with the audience key points for taking advantage of 5G technologies and details about the 5G EVE architecture. Highlights of the presentations included:

  • Intent-based interface towards verticals: a disruptive intent-based interface to simplify the access to the 5G end to end facility, specifying “what” is asked without details on “how” it is provided.
  • Multi-domain slicing and orchestration: A new orchestration framework with the necessary features able to manage effectively multiple site facilities, dramatically improve efficiency, prevent overload, and easily manage migration of networks components, while meeting performance requirements.
  • Performance Diagnostics (KPI Framework): A completely new performance diagnostics mechanism and a new monitoring framework enabling the capturing of service and slice performance indicators, providing insight on performance.
  • 5G VNF’s(Openness Framework): a new framework to provide a modular, reusable set of different SFs enabling the coexistence of proprietary and open source technologies; this will allow the modular replacement and chaining of components implemented with open and novel performance acceleration techniques.

This was complemented by selected case studies of innovative companies such as Gammasg, Fivecomm, YerbabuenaVR, and UTEK as well as a presentation on proofs of concept in Spain.

Watch the video recording of the first 5G EVE Learn and Drive online event.

Further information is available on the event page.

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