Highlights from the 2nd 5G EVE Learn and Drive event

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2nd 5G EVE Learn and Drive The 5G EVE consortium successfully organised the second Learn and Drive online event on 8th April 2021. The event hosted around 50 participants who discussed about challenges and opportunities related to the deployment of the 5G infrastructure.

Following a first session dedicated to the presentation of the project, its technical features and related opportunities, the event opened a lively discussion among the representatives of 6 start-ups and SMEs. Some interesting contributions from the speakers included the following:

  • Miguel Barriero, CTO at CINFO. Miguel presented CINFO, a company based in Spain and specialized in intelligent video solutions in particular for sport venues. Miguel also explained that through the use of 5G technology, for the first time the company doesn’t have to rely on high bandwidth connection. 5G infrastructure gives the possibility to replace the traditional production crew with fix cameras with network connection to the cloud.
  • Costin Raiciu, Co-founder at Correct Networks. Costin introduced Correct Networks, infrastructure company born as spin-off of the Bucharest University. Costin explained that they are trying to cr2nd 5G EVE Learn and Driveeate a product line aimed at becoming a sort of management and performance player for the networks helping operators to understand whether the performance is good and trying to identify a potential problem. They are now trying to turn this successful research into production, which is going to be deployed in a full 5G environment.
  • Pasquale Marasco, Marketing and Innovation Manager at Bylogix. Pasquale presented Bylogix, Italian SME funded in 2007 working on embedded system, starting from hardware design and delivering also software. The company provides services and solutions for the automotive industry but also for industrial railway sector. The company is trying to understand how to perform the autonomous driving technology into 5G network. In addition, 5G could represent a good solution also in terms of safety and security reasons.
  • Ciprian Romeo Comsa, INTERACT. Ciprian introduced INTERACT, startup born from the Technical University of Cluj, with the support of Orange Romania. The main goal is to develop solutions that allow connected and automated vehicles to coordinate their driving behavior when passing through intelligent intersections. Using 5G features would be beneficial to run some AI algorithms, which need computing power that can be supported by the 5G infrastructure.
  • Eduardo Blanco, XTREM. Eduardo introduced XTREM, software company based in Spain and focusing on health, financial and agricultural sector2nd 5G EVE Learn and Drives. According to Eduardo, 5G promises to be a revolution in these sectors and the objective of the company in this context is a comprehensive digitalisation reaching rural and remote areas.
  • Oscar Lazaro, Managing Director at Innovalia. Oscar introduced Innovalia Group and the specific business area focusing on Industry 4.0 particularly on quality control. Environments like 5G EVE are helping Innovalia to demonstrate the feasibility of what they are doing, but especially to understand the transformation and changes they have to make on their services to be able to be exploited by 5G networks and environments.

The event closed with a brainstorming session, which involved the whole audience and collected interesting ideas and innovative business model leveraging 5G infrastructure.

Further information:

Learn and Drive event page

Video recording of event

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