5G EVE Presentation at SDOs Brainstorming Workshop on Testbeds Federations for 5G and Beyond

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Veronica Sanchez Vega​, Ericsson

Veronica Sanchez Vega​ from Ericsson presenting at the SDOs workshop

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​5G EVE contributed to a workshop jointly organized by the standards developing organizations (SDOs) ITU, ETSI, and IEEE on 15-16 March 2021. On the first day of the ‘ITU ETSI IEEE Joint SDOs Brainstorming Workshop on Testbeds Federations for 5G & Beyond: Interoperability, Standardization, Reference Model & APIs’, Veronica Sanchez Vega​ from 5G EVE partner Ericsson presented a contribution by 5G EVE partners in ​Session 2: ‘Technical Presentations on Trends in Testbeds for 5G & Beyond; Use Cases for Testbeds Federation; Emerging Hot Industry Requirements for Testbeds for AI Testing & Certifications and Open Networking Platform(s)’.

The contribution jointly prepared by Veronica Sanchez Vega​, ETSI TC INT Rapporteur from 5G EVE partner Ericsson, Evangelos Kosmatos, 5G-PPP TMV Co-chair from 5G EVE partner Wings ICT Solutions, and Andrea Cattoni, 5G-PPP TMV Chair from Keysight has the title: ‘Methodologies for E2E Testing & Validation of Vertical Applications over 5G & Beyond networks, an ETSI TC INT Perspective on EC-funded 5GPP Projects Contributions to Standards’.

The presentation described how the 5G trial projects in the 5G PPP have addressed the challenge of validating the business cases and applications of verticals and how the ETSI INT Technical Committee, in collaboration with those projects, is approaching the standardization of the methodologies for end-to-end testing and validation of vertical applications over 5G and Beyond networks.

Further information is available on the Workshop Page.

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