5G EVE promotes new ETSI standards work items on validation of vertical apps for 5G and beyond networks

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5G EVE standardization workAt the 46th plenary meeting of the ETSI Technical Committee (TC) on Core Network and Interoperability Testing (INT) on 2nd July 2020, the 5G EVE representatives successfully proposed to create two new Work Items. The 5G EVE proposal raised considerable interest and was approved. A substantial group of ETSI members – including 5G EVE partners Telecom Italia, Telefónica I+D, Orange France, and Ericsson Spain – expressed their support and willingness to contribute.

Following the ETSI INT decision, the following two Work Items are soon to be kicked off:

  1. a specialized Work Item on “Methodologies for E2E Testing & Validation of Vertical Applications over 5G&Beyond networks”, which aims at creating the first Technical Reports (TRs) on this aspect;
  2. a Work Item on “Specifications for E2E Testing & Validation of Vertical Applications over 5G&Beyond networks”, which is focused on architectural aspects and aims at producing the first Technical Specifications (TSs).

Interaction with other standardization groups is anticipated, as testing and validation of vertical services involves a number of different technologies.

The 5G EVE consortium would welcome the involvement of more firms and institutions in these new standardization initiatives.


5G EVE solutions for 5G validationSince its start, the 5G EVE project has explored methodologies, technologies and architectures involved in the field of testing, benchmarking and validation of 5G vertical applications. 5G EVE’s body of innovative knowledge and practices has become more and more relevant to different industry sectors in view of the huge business potential of 5G technologies.  Thus, 5G EVE deems it important to consider all relevant stakeholders involved in the 5G innovation ecosystem, including vertical industries, communication service providers, equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

To serve these different stakeholders, the 5G EVE consortium has been pursuing the creation of harmonized solutions for validating 5G applications at its released 5G EVE platform. These solutions are applicable to all projects, verticals and use cases the 5G EVE project supports. In order to further broaden the impact of the 5G EVE results, 5G EVE has been aiming to promote broader efforts for harmonized solutions at relevant standardization bodies. This has led to an open discussion with ETSI, which initially involved assessing the ongoing initiatives, gaps and opportunities in the standardization landscape. The two new Work Items are the tangible result of this discussion.

Further information on the ETSI INT plenary meeting #46, including the two new Work Items #15 and #16, is available on the ETSI portal.

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