5G EVE results presented at IEEE 5G World Forum 2019 in Dresden

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On 1st October 2019, the 2nd workshop on 5G trials took place in Dresden, Germany as part of the IEEE 5G World Forum. The workshop at the International Congress Center Dresden was co-organised by 5G EVE, together with the other Horizon 2020 projects 5G-DRIVE (main organiser), SliceNet, 5G-VINNI, and 5GENESIS. The 45 workshop participants discussed the latest 5G trial results, from 5G experiments to business validation.

The three paper sessions included in session 1 a talk by Giada Landi from Nextworks, who presented the 5G EVE paper on ‘The 5G EVE Multi-site Experimental Architecture and Experimentation Workflow’. In her presentation she explained 5G EVE’s experimental approach for vertical service validation in customizable, end-to-end 5G infrastructures and variable operational conditions. Furthermore, she provided an overview on 5G EVE’s pilots and use cases as well as details about the architecture of the 5G EVE platform, including its multi-site facility infrastructure and the related deployment roadmap.

The 5G EVE presentation was met by high interest from the audience and stimulated a productive discussion. Questions from the audience focused mostly on how to use the 5G EVE platform for the execution of the experiments and which use cases ate currently targeted. The more technical questions explored how 5G EVE addresses issues related to the multi-site nature of the facility, and which steps of the experiment provisioning, execution and monitoring we automate and how.

Further information is available on the 5G-Trials Workshop page.

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