5G EVE demo at the ETSI IoT Week in Sophia Antipolis

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At the ETSI IoT Week in Sophia Antipolis (21-25 October 2019), 5G EVE partner EURECOM, together with its SME partner Easy Global Market (EGM), demonstrated an IoT use of the 5G-EVE infrastructure.

EURECOM at ETSI IoT Week 2019

The demo team at the ETSI IoT Week (from left): Irfan Ghauri from the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance, Benoit Orihuela from Easy Global Market, and Raymond Knopp from EURECOM

The demonstration highlighted an end-to-end cellular IoT solution based on LTE-M and oneM2M service layer. The entire solution was built upon open-source and publicly-available software packages. EGM developed both prototype sensing equipment using LTE-M connectivity as well as a cloud-native oneM2M deployment using Kubernetes. The oneM2M service layer deployed in a public cloud was interconnected to EURECOM’s 5G-EVE infrastructure in Sophia Antipolis. The OpenAirInterface (OAI) core network (openairCN) was accessed remotely over the internet to allow a small OAI eNodeB to provide LTE-M coverage at the demonstration venue.

The audience included the primary actors in the oneM2M community as well as operators, equipment vendors, vertical industries and policy makers.

For further information see the ETSI IoT Week 2019 web presence.

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