Collaboration with vertical use case projects – 5G EVE presentation at 5G PPP Technology Board

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Manuel Lorenzo - 5G EVE at 5G PPP TBAt the recent 5G PPP Technology Board meeting on 26-27 May 2020, 5G EVE’s technical manager Manuel Lorenzo from Ericsson Spain shared the experiences gained in providing the 5G EVE platform to vertical use case experimenters from ICT-19 projects.

In his presentation on 26 May, he reported on the progress and learnings from the ongoing collaboration with ICT-19 projects to the Technology Board (TB) members – the technical managers and deputy technical managers from all ongoing 5G PPP projects. The online meeting was chaired by Alexandros Kaloxylos from the 5G Infrastructure Association, and the specific session on ICT17-ICT19 collaboration were moderated by Anastasius Gavras from Eurescom.

Collaboration with ICT-19 projects

Manuel Lorenzo outlined a set of concrete and varied cases of ICT-19 projects and how they are leveraging the set of common 5G EVE platform services through the provided open interfaces. These interfaces include intent-based APIs, Portal GUI and REST Open APIs. He explained how the ICT-19 use case experiments are integrating with the 5G EVE facility sites of their choice in Greece, Spain, France and Italy. He analysed, in particular, the experiences, learnings and benefits of 5G EVE’s collaboration with ICT-17 projects 5G-SOLUTIONS, 5G-TOURS, and 5GROWTH. For these projects, the 5G EVE platform supports the use case execution and validation, involving all 5G EVE site facilities.

Such collaboration cases with ICT-19 projects, which started already by mid-2019, have yielded valuable experience and insight. This paves the way for the successful execution of a number of validation campaigns of ICT-19 projects over the 5G EVE platform, which are planned for 2020 and 2021.

The 5G EVE platform service for verticals

5G EVE project is delivering a comprehensive and common platform service for E2E validation of 5G-ready vertical applications. Its design and architecture respond to the demand for an easy-to-use and customisable platform service for designing, executing, and monitoring extensive fully-automated validation tests of vertical applications over full-chain 5G environments.

The 5G EVE platform service supports the validation of  use cases crafted by vertical partners of the 5G EVE consortium as well as use cases brought by ICT-19 projects. In this way, 5G EVE is catalysing ecosystem-based experimentation and innovation to the benefit of all parties involved.

5G EVE Platform – Experience with ICT-19 Verticals (presentation slides – pdf)

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