First 5G EVE Training Webinar provided overview of 5G EVE infrastructure

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The first 5G EVE Training webinar took place on 6th May 2020. There were approximately 70 registered participants from the greater Horizon 2020 research community and in particular several of the 5G PPP use case (ICT-19) projects that are using the 5G EVE infrastructure for vertical field trials. The three-hour session was shared between members from EURECOM, UC3M, IMDEA, CNIT, COSMOTE and WINGS-ICT Solutions.

First 5G EVE Infrastructure Training WebinarThe main objective of the webinar was to provide an overview of the 5G EVE infrastructure. It was aimed primarily at end users of the facilities and in particular ICT-19 projects. The first part of the training webinar provided a detailed description of the 5G EVE Portal, which is the main entry point for users to define, run and collect measurements from an experiment making use of one or several of the 5G EVE sites. Attendees first learned how to define their experiment both from the perspective of the service under test and the networking configuration. Then the parameterization and reservation system was described followed by the execution method using the portal’s virtual environment allowing for execution and monitoring of the user’s experiment. Finally, examples of how results can be assessed for the purpose of key performance indicator (KPI) extraction and tuning of service parameters were given.

The second part of the training webinar provided an architectural overview of a subset of the 5G EVE sites from Spain, Italy and France, which will be used in subsequent training activities. This overview was focused on the underlying capabilities for experimentation and KPI measurement. We provided examples of how software is deployed on the infrastructure and how measurements are collected. Some information about on-boarding Virtualized or Containerized Network Functions (VNF/CNFs) on individual sites for custom configurations of 5G EVE will also be provided.

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Manuel Lorenzo - 5G EVE Technical ManagerSecond 5G EVE Infrastructure Training Webinar