5G EVE at EuCNC Workshop on Transatlantic Platforms

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Bernard Barani - EuCNC 2019

Bernard Barani, Deputy Head of Unit ‘Future Connectivity Systems’ at DG CONNECT, presenting 5G PPP Phase 3

The full-day workshop on “Empowering Transatlantic Platforms for Advance Wireless Research” at EuCNC in Valencia on 18 June 2019 attracted more than 50 participants from Europe and America. Main organisers of the workshop were the European Support Action project EMPOWER and the NSF project PAWR.  5G EVE was one of the co-organisers, together with the other ICT-17 projects 5G-VINNI and 5GENESIS. The workshop aimed at bringing together key people from the European and US side to discuss possible joint activities on transatlantic experimental platforms for 5G and beyond.

The workshop included presentations by Bernard Barani – Deputy Head of Unit ‘Future Connectivity Systems’ at DG CONNECT, Thyaga Nandagopal – NSF Deputy Division Director of the CISE Directorate, and Abhimanyu Gosain – Technical Program Director of PAWR Office.

Mauro Boldi & Pablo Serrano Yañez-Mingot

5G EVE coordinator Mauro Boldi from Telecom Italia (left) and session chair Pablo Serrano Yañez-Mingot from 5G EVE partner UC3M

5G EVE coordinator Mauro Boldi from Telecom Italia presented the 5G EVE platform. His presentation included key distinctive features of the project, such as the strong involvement of vertical industries. The other two ICT-17 platforms were presented by Pål Grønsund from Telenor (5G-VINNI), and Harilaos Koumaras from NCSR “Demokritos” (5GENESIS).

The workshop also included a session discussing the role of Open Source, coordinated by Raymond Knopp from 5G EVE partner EURECOM. The participants discussed several initiatives which could be used for advancing transatlantic platforms, such as the Linux Foundation, the Telecom Infrastructure Project, and others. Finally, the workshop also included presentations by ICT-19 project consortia planning to use the ICT-17 platforms, and by projects with past experiences on the use of collaborative platforms.

Workshop agenda and presentations

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5G EVE booth at EuCNC 2019