5G EVE Paper - 5G World Forum 2020

5G EVE Paper Presented in Validation Trials Workshop at 5G World Forum 2020

5G EVE contributed a paper to the workshop on “5G Validation Trials across Multiple Vertical Industries” (WS2) at the virtual IEEE 5G World Forum 2020. The online workshop on 11th September aimed at providing a forum for industry and academia to disseminate new results on 5G trials in vertical...

5G EVE Results

Six Technical 5G EVE Deliverables Published

At the end of June 2020, 5G EVE finalised six deliverables which are documenting the technical progress of the 5G EVE platform and its capabilities: D2.4 Initial pilot test and validation Deliverable D2.4 is the initial report about the first functional tests and 5G end to end facility validation....

French 5G EVE Demo Webinar - 7 July 2020

French 5G EVE Demo Webinar

In the French 5G EVE site demo webinar on 9th July 2020, 5G EVE demonstrated the automated end-to-end 360-degree video use-case deployment in the French facility and its experiment. Topics presented at the demo webinar include: General 5G EVE French architecture overview Video service portal experiment definition Network infrastructure...

Greek 5G EVE Demo Webinar 2020

Greek 5G EVE Demo Webinar

The 1.5-hour video of the Greek 5G EVE Demo Webinar on 7th July 2020 presents 5G EVE’s Greek site and demonstrates the vertical use cases deployed in the Greek site. It also presents and demonstrates innovative functionalities supported by the 5G EVE framework including the intent-based portal, orchestration and...

5G EVE standardization work

5G EVE promotes new ETSI standards work items on validation of vertical apps for 5G and beyond networks

At the 46th plenary meeting of the ETSI Technical Committee (TC) on Core Network and Interoperability Testing (INT) on 2nd July 2020, the 5G EVE representatives successfully proposed to create two new Work Items. The 5G EVE proposal raised considerable interest and was approved. A substantial group of ETSI...

EuCNC 2020 presentation 5G EVE

5G EVE Monitoring Framework presented at EuCNC 2020

At the 29th edition of EuCNC (16-18 June 2020), which was held as a virtual conference, Ramón Pérez from Telcaria Ideas presented the monitoring framework designed and implemented in the 5G EVE project. The work entitled “A Monitoring Framework for Multi-Site 5G Platforms” was carried out by 5G EVE...

Second 5G EVE Infrastructure Training Webinar

Video Recording of 2nd 5G EVE Training Webinar – 23 June 2020

This 5G-EVE infrastructure training webinar was the first to provide an operational experience on the 5G-EVE infrastructure. It focused on remote interaction with the Spanish site at 5TONIC and the Italian site at TIM and CNIT. Further information is available on the 5G EVE Training Webinar page.

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