5G EVE Interworking Framework overview

5G EVE interworking capability definition and gap analysis

The latest 5G EVE deliverable, D3.1, describes the target capabilities that have to be supported and offered by a generic site facility operating in the 5G EVE framework, in order to enable its interoperability and interworking with the whole 5G EVE system. The definition of these target per-site capabilities...

5G EVE at 5G Italy conference in Rome

The 5G Italy conference in Rome on 4-6 December 2018 attracted about 450 participants from regulatory authorities, research organisations, businesses, and public administrations. They met at the CNR headquarters to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming 5G network. The importance of the event is indicated by the...

5G infrastructures session at ICT 2018

Productive networking session on 5G infrastructures at ICT 2018

On 6th December 2018, Horizon 2020 projects 5G EVE, 5G-VINNI, and 5GINFIRE organised an interactive networking session at ICT 2018 in Vienna, which was dedicated to stimulating innovation over next generation 5G network infrastructures. The session aimed for an interdisciplinary discussion on the requirements for a 5G end-to-end facility...

2nd 5GINFIRE Open Call “Innovative experiments”

Call information: Call identifier: 5ginfire-2 ‑ 2nd 5GINFIRE Open Call “Innovative experiments” Submission deadline: 18 December 2018 at 17:00 Brussels local time Mandatory feasibility check deadline:    5 December 2018 at 17:00 Brussels local time FULL CALL INFORMATION Call objectives: The main technical objective of 5GinFIRE is to build and...

5G EVE Webinar Sep 2018

Webinar on 5G EVE End-to-End Facility attracted ICT-19 Proposers

More than 60 people had registered for the 5G EVE webinar on 20 September 2018 to learn more about the The 5G EVE end-to-end facility. The webinar was aimed at proposers for the upcoming ICT-19 call under Horizon 2020, dedicated to “Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries”....

Maurizio Cecchi, 5G EVE coordinator

5G EVE session at the 5G PPP Phase 3 info day in Brussels

On 14 September, the European Commission and the To-Euro-5G suppport action project organised an Information Day on 5G PPP Phase 3. Over 200 participants had registered to learn more about Horizon 2020 call ICT-19, “Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries”, and the three 5G end-to-end platforms which...

5G EVE end-to-end facility

Creating the foundations for 5G end-to-end networks in Europe

5G PPP infrastructure project 5G EVE has started Press release | 31st August 2018 Turin, Italy. 5G PPP infrastructure project 5G EVE started its work in July. The project is addressing a challenge, which is crucial for all actors in the 5G value chain, including network operators and vendors...

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