First 5G EVE Training Webinar

First 5G EVE Training Webinar provided overview of 5G EVE infrastructure

The first 5G EVE Training webinar took place on 6th May 2020. There were approximately 70 registered participants from the greater Horizon 2020 research community and in particular several of the 5G PPP use case (ICT-19) projects that are using the 5G EVE infrastructure for vertical field trials. The...

Manuel Lorenzo - 5G EVE Technical Manager

Collaboration with vertical use case projects – 5G EVE presentation at 5G PPP Technology Board

At the recent 5G PPP Technology Board meeting on 26-27 May 2020, 5G EVE’s technical manager Manuel Lorenzo from Ericsson Spain shared the experiences gained in providing the 5G EVE platform to vertical use case experimenters from ICT-19 projects. In his presentation on 26 May, he reported on the...

French 5G EVE site facility at EURECOM

NSF visit at French 5G EVE site facility in Sophia Antipolis

On 11th and 12th March, a delegation of researchers representing the NSF, the National Science Foundation of the United States, visited EURECOM’s open5GLab in Sophia Antipolis, one of the locations of the French 5G EVE site facility. The visit of the US researchers was the second in a series...

NSF Visit 5G EVE Madrid

NSF visit at Spanish 5G EVE site facility

On 9th and 10th March, a delegation of researchers from the NSF, the National Science Foundation of the United States, visited the Spanish 5G EVE site facility, the 5TONIC research lab in Madrid.  The visit of the US researchers was the first in a series of planned visits to...

5G EVE explainer video

New video explains 5G EVE Platform

A new video, published on 28 February, explains in about 2 minutes the 5G EVE Platform for 5G testing and validation. 5G EVE’s pre-competitive 5G validation platform for extensive trials is designed to enable on-demand testing of innovative 5G-enabled products and solutions for different vertical sectors. Visit the 5G...

5G EVE Portal - Live Demo

Public premiere of 5G EVE Portal at live online demo

In a webinar on 27 February, the 5G EVE Portal was for the first time demonstrated live to the interested public. 47 participants witnessed the live demo of the 5G EVE portal and validation framework. The demo was presented by Giada Landi from Nextworks, who is deputy technical manager...

5G EVE leaflet 2020 cover

New 5G EVE Project Flyer Published

5G EVE has published a new flyer about the project. The 6-page leaflet provides a visual overview on the 5G EVE platform and its capabilities as well as the 4-step process to 5G validation. More specifically, the flyer covers the following topics: 5G end-to-end validation platform for verticals –...

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