5G EVE at EuCNC Workshop on Transatlantic Platforms

The full-day workshop on “Empowering Transatlantic Platforms for Advance Wireless Research” at EuCNC in Valencia on 18 June 2019 attracted more than 50 participants from Europe and America. Main organisers of the workshop were the European Support Action project EMPOWER and the NSF project PAWR.  5G EVE was one...

5G EVE at Digital Assembly 2019 in Bucharest

5G EVE consortium partner Orange Romania participated with a demo booth at the Digital Assembly 2019 in Bucharest on 13-14 June. The event in the capital of Romania attracted more than 400 participants from industry and academia as well as from public-sector organisations and government. At the Digital Assembly...

5G EVE site facility videos

Videos on 5G EVE site facilities in Greece, Italy, Spain, and France

The 5G EVE facility is based on the site facilities in Greece, Italy, Spain, and France. In a set of recently produced videos, we present the four 5G EVE site facilities and the functionalities they offer to experimenters. Greek site facility Italian site facility Spanish 5TONIC site facility French...

Valencia, Spain

Strong 5G EVE presence at upcoming EuCNC 2019 in Valencia

At the upcoming EuCNC 2019 in Valencia (18-21 June) and the collocated Global 5G Event (17-18 June), 5G EVE will have a strong presence both in the conference workshops and the exhibition. Workshops EuCNC Workshop 1 Empowering Transatlantic Platforms for Advance Wireless Research Tuesday, 18 June 2019 (8:30 -13:00/16:15-18:00),...

5G EVE validation process workflow

Deliverable on “Disjoint testing and validation tools” published

The recently published deliverable D5.1 describes a preliminary implementation of 5G EVE’s disjoint tools supporting testing and validation of experiments at the different 5G EVE sites. These tools are defined as “disjoint”, because they are not integrated among themselves, and are not integrated with the rest of the 5G...

5G EVE E2E webinar 9 May 2019

Webinar on the 5G EVE end-to-end facility for verticals attracted strong interest

Our webinar on the 5G EVE end-to-end facility for vertical industry trials attracted a sizeable audience. More than 100 participants had joined. In the one-hour webinar on 9th May 2019, they saw a detailed overview on how the 5G EVE end-to-end facility can be used for vertical industry trials....

5G PPP Workshop Malaga 2019-04

Productive 5G PPP workshop on testing, measurement and KPI validation in Malaga

On 9-10 April 2019, 5G EVE participated in a very productive workshop of the 5G PPP Test, Measurement and KPI Validation Work Group in Malaga, Spain. The workshop was hosted by the University of Malaga and involved participants from the projects 5G EVE, 5G-VINNI, 5GENESIS, and 5G-TRANSFORMER. 5G EVE...

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